Ceramic Raw Materials

ZIRCONIT® is the brand name of our high quality opacifier.
It is finely-milled zircon provides high whiteness and opacity in ceramic glazes and porcelain bodies for the various ceramic products, such as ceramic tile, sanitaryware, roofing tile, table ware and so on.
ZIRCONIT® obtains high evaluation and has been widely used for long time both domestic and overseas.

Remarkable features are ;

  1. Providing superior whiteness and opacity in ceramic glazes while glaze reflection and glossiness are maintained.
  2. Increasing crack resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, tensile strength and compressive strength of the glaze. Also, it can make soft pastel color and help to stabilize the color shade.
  3. It can be used to the bodies.


ZrO2 64% Minimum 64% Minimum
SiO2 34% Maximum 34% Maximum
Fe2O3 0.15% Maximum 0.15% Maximum
D50% 1.1-1.4 µm 0.4-0.6 µm
pH 4.0 Minimum 4.0 Minimum