Ceramic Raw Materials

Chromium Ore is mainly used to make special steel (stainless steel, heat resistance steel), heat resistant brick, and plating. We are stably supplying it to the ceramic industry as black/gray glaze stain/body stain by pulverizing and strict particle size control.
SA-320D -SA-350D series are dry pulverization method and M-650 is wet pulverization method.

Specifications (Typical Value)

SA-320 D SA-350 D M-650
Cr2O3 46.43% 42.3%
Fe2O3 26.02% 28.3%
MgO 10.25% 14.0%
Al2O3 14.72% 14.7%
Ave. Particle Size 10.13µm 10.06µm 9.3µm